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Why Girona?

Lance Armstrong was one of the first ones to discover Girona as an attractive place for cyclists. The now not so popular ex-cyclist decided to buy a house in the center of Girona and prepare the Tour the France from there. Ever since, more and more professional cyclists bought their second house in Girona. At the moment there are living hundreds profcyclists among which 75 pro-tour cyclists. Girona is particularly popular among cyclists from America, Australia, The Netherlands and England. Also the teams Garmin and Greenadge have their base in Girona town. They use the area to prepare themselves for races like the Tour the France.

Ideal Training Area
Good roads, few traffic and all kinds of landscapes close together: flat, coastal roads, hills, mountains and high mountains. The most remarkable aspect of Girona is its network of small tranquil roads, so you can do many different routes in the area. If you want, you could do a different beautiful route every day during a two weeks stay.

Ideal Climate
Few rain, lots of sun and warm temperatures. The temperatures are pleasant for cycling, not extremely hot  like in the South of Spain. There are some areas with a lot of wind and some areas with few wind. 

Cheap and Fast Travel
Girona has its own airport, with cheap flights arriving from all over Europe. If you come from outside of Europe you can easily fly through Barcelona airport. 

Cyclosportives / Cycling races
In Catalonia you have almost every weekend a Cyclosportive or cycling race (for all categories). Even during the winter there are cycling competitions and training races.

The city
Girona is a beautiful city. People come from all over the world just to check out the city which is still in the style of the Roman period. Full of narrow streets, terraces, restaurants en little shops. Girona also has a year-round calendar of activities (concerts, shows, plays, parades). With good bus andtrain connections you can use public transport to all directions. It’s half an hour to Barcelona, 15 minutes to Figueres, the beach, the Pyrenees and national parks.

The province
There are many activities organized in the province of Girona, such as boat trips, survival, snorkeling, hiking, karting, diving, paintball, canoeing, rowing and climbing. We always give you a folder with information about these activities. Throughout the province are many small medieval villages. A major difference between cycling in Spain and France or Germany is that in every village are small squares with terraces. You can always have a drinksomewhere. People are also hospital and give the cyclists good space on the road. In a radius of 100 km you have a dozen national parks, where you can not only cycle and mountain bike but also do very nice hikes.

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